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Effective Scorpion, Spider & Cricket Control From Pest Pros LLC

Mesa yards are full of surprises, particularly those of the pest variety. Our hot, arid climate is the perfect fit for all sorts of creepy crawlies, from venomous scorpions and dangerous spiders to downright obnoxious crickets. You don't need much to be happy with your yard, but do you want to enjoy it pest-free – so when arachnids and insects show up uninvited, you may feel overwhelmed and overburdened with the task of removing them yourself.

Pest Pros LLC understands your feelings completely. As a locally owned and family-operated company, we know what it's like to find unwanted pests roaming about the yard. That's why we've banded together to provide a one-stop shop solution with lasting yet affordable yard pest services. We can remove both dangerous and nuisance pests from your lawn or garden, all while using environmentally conscious kid and pet-friendly products.

You can start seeing the effects of our treatments today by giving us a call. We would be happy to book an initial inspection and provide you with a scorpion, spider, and cricket control service.

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Our Scorpion, Spider & Cricket Control Service

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Pest Pros LLC is Mesa's most trusted provider of outdoor pest control. Commanding more than 40 years of experience serving both home and business owners, we rely on safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly treatments to protect our community. We make it easy to sign up for scorpion, spider, and cricket control in a timely manner and help customers achieve the yards of their dreams with a few simple applications.

We use a different protocol for each species of pest that may have overrun your Mesa property. The goal is to mix and match the selection of treatments that will result in a perfect outcome for you and your family. That said, all our treatments are interwoven with one another through an Integrated Pest Management methodology.

Here's what they look like in the application:

  • Scorpions: First, one of our trained pest experts evaluates your property for the signs and symptoms of scorpion activity. These pests are generally quiet and secretive, although we have some tricks up our sleeves for finding and identifying their activities. We may opt to inspect the perimeter of your property to look for possible attractant factors. Once discovered, we can treat the scorpion's favorite hiding places to ensure they never return to your property.
  • Spiders: We start our spider treatment services by inspecting your outdoor environment for anything that may serve as an attractant factor. During our exterior inspection, we hunt for webs, eggs, and active pest infestations that may pique spider interest. We may also check the inside of your property for anything that may draw them inside since most spiders are nomadic in nature and travel wherever (and whenever) their prey does. 
  • Crickets: Crickets are frustrating nuisance pests that usually serve as food for other creatures, including spiders and scorpions. We begin our control of these insects by inspecting any active areas of your property, including some of their favorite hiding spots near outdoor lighting or inside garages and sheds. Once identified, we can apply effective treatments and high-quality products to keep them away from your home for good. 

All spider, cricket, and scorpion control services from Pest Pros LLC are designed to be quick, efficient, and safe. We're proud to protect our clients with the most effective tools and methods of treatment to achieve customer satisfaction. Depending on your treatments, we can even provide you with recurring warranties on our pest service plans in Mesa and surrounding areas.

If you're interested in learning more about spider, scorpion, and cricket control from Pest Pros LLC, don't hesitate to reach out to our experts right away.

Put A Stop To Crickets, Spiders & Scorpions With Pest Pros LLC

Wherever you live in Mesa, AZ, Pest Pros LLC is here to help you stay protected against spiders, scorpions, and pest prey like crickets. We use the most efficient methods of spider, scorpion, and cricket control on the market to ensure you get long-lasting protection against these unwelcome arachnids and insects. Plus, we provide pet and child-friendly treatments that can be safely applied in any environment. Pest Pros LLC comes with all the benefits (and none of the drawbacks) of a traditional home pest control company.

You can start seeing the effects of our scorpion, cricket, and spider control treatments today by giving us a call. We would be happy to book an initial inspection and provide you with a free estimate.

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"Keven always gives first class service with a smile!  Highly recommend him!"

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"Evan did a great job. He sprayed inside and out. He spent time de-webbing under the eaves. He was professional and on time. Keven has also been out technician and does an excellent job. He has a lot of experience and knowledge."

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"They are really friendly and do a great job! They are good about communicating over text and overall great to work with."

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