Rodent Control 101: Essential Tips For Keeping Your Mesa Home Safe

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Mesa is Arizona's third-largest city, but instead of the crazy hustle and bustle vibe most urban areas have, this city has a distinct residential vibe. Warm weather, a low cost of living, and many unique outdoor opportunities make it a popular destination. One group of pests in the area that also appreciate the laid-back vibe of Mesa is rodents, and when they discover your cozy home, they'll get comfortable and won't want to leave without rodent control in Mesa.

Common Rodent Species: Identify Rats, Mice, And Other Intruders

There are many different types of rodents that frequent Mesa neighborhoods. Awareness of common rodent species and their unique characteristics can greatly aid homeowners who experience a visit from these uninvited pests.

Common rodent species that sometimes hang around local homes include:

  • House mice

  • Field mice

  • Roof rats

  • Norway rats

Of all the local rodents in Mesa, mice and rats are the most frequent rodents to invade area homes. Mice are significantly smaller than rats, which helps people tell the two apart. Both house mice and field mice are relatively similar in size, growing five to eight inches long, but house mice have long tails (the length of their head and body combined) that help them maintain balance. House mice typically have a solid coloration ranging from light brown to gray, while field mice are browner, with underbellies, legs, and feet a lighter creamy coloration.

Roof and Norway rats can measure six to ten inches long, with roof rats being thinner and sleeker compared to Norway rats with "beefy" bodies. Roof rats have sleek and soft brown hair with spots of black intermixed; their underbellies can be black, gray, white, or a mixture. The coat of a Norway rat is coarse with scattered black hairs; their undersides, legs, and feet are lighter in coloration. 

Homeowners can find themselves with a rodent problem in the blink of an eye. For this reason, it's essential to partner with a trusted pest professional like Pest Pros LLC, who can help remove rodents promptly. 

Rodent Dangers: Health Risks And Property Damage

No matter what type of rodent invades your Mesa home, the problems they bring are significant. Since rodentsmust always wear down their teeth, they chew on everything, including woodwork, furniture, plastics, electrical wires, and lead pipes (rats). In addition to chewing damages, rodents establish nests by shredding insulation in walls, attics, and basements. They can also use stored items for nesting, ruining them with their rodent feces and urine. 

As rodents move about homes, they contaminate foods and surfaces, which can cause folks to get sick. They can even affect people's breathing with the dust from their feces and droplets of urine that float in the air. Rodents transmit various diseases, including salmonellosis, leptospirosis, jaundice, rat-bite fever (rats), trichinosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM).

Homeowners can protect their homes from health hazards and property damages when they enlist the help of a local pest professional like Pest Pros LLC. Our technicians can quickly assess your infestation level and remove hazardous rodents from your premises.

Rodent Prevention Strategies: Proactive Measures

Rodent prevention is possible if homeowners get proactive in their defense against them. Homeowners utilizing effective rodent control strategies can do much to keep rodents away from homes. 

Strategies that can help with rodent prevention include the following:

  • Placing screens over chimneys and vents

  • Caulking cracks and holes in foundations

  • Fixing damaged weather stripping and loose foundation mortar

  • Eliminating excess moisture (clogged drains and leaking pipes)

  • Practicing good sanitation indoors

  • Eliminating yard debris

Implementing rodent prevention strategies can go a long way toward stopping rodents from entering Mesa homes, but even the best preventative approach can fail. Having an experienced and local pest control company like Pest Pros LLC nearby and readily available for pest control emergencies is invaluable.

Professional Pest Control: The Most Effective Rodent Control Solution

Using professional home rodent pest control services from Pest Pros LLC is the most effective way to control rodents that invade Mesa homes. Our family-owned and operated local company draws on over 40 years of industry experience to tackle Mesa's most challenging pest control issues. Our pest control solutions consider your individual needs; we'll design services to fit your home, family, and way of life. Call Pest Pro LLC today for a free estimate on our Mesa rodent control services.

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