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Understanding potential pest invaders can help you to prevent and deter infestations.

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What You Need To Know About Pests In Mesa, AZ & Surrounding Areas

Many different species of pests may present dangers to your property and put your loved ones at risk. Understanding these pests and professional pest control in Mesa are your answers to keeping your property safe.


Close up of a fire ant

Ants invading your property become a major problem in no time, despite this insect’s small size. These pests may be tiny, but an infestation can have a large effect on you and your property, and what they lack in size, they make up for in numbers.

Ant control provided by Pest Pros LLC is the best way to defeat this pest, but there are prevention steps you can take to make your property less hospitable to ants. As with any pest, eliminating entry points and minimizing access to sources of food and water.

Make sure that all leftover food is stored properly in airtight containers and never leave out dirty dishes or food and drink spills, as these are a sure way to attract hungry ants. Also, seal up any potential ant entry points around your property, clear outdoor areas of debris where ants are likely to nest, and ensure trash bags are tightly sealed to stop ant scavenging.


Close up of an American cockroach

Known for their hard-to-eliminate nature, adaptable skill set, and rapid reproductive times, cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to deal with once they invade your property. Many types of cockroaches present threats to human structures, but German and American cockroaches are two of the most notable species.

German cockroaches are smaller at just over half an inch in length, tan to light brown, and have two darker parallel strips going down their back. American cockroaches can grow over two inches in length and are darker, reddish-brown. Both of these species create serious issues once they infest a home or business due to the bacteria and pathogens they track onto surfaces and food storage areas.

Professional cockroach control is necessary when it comes to this pest, as they are hard to remove and often immune to many store-bought or DIY control products. Pest Pros LLC is ready to help you fully eliminate any cockroach infestation you experience.


Mosquito on human skin

Even though mosquitoes are small, infestations of this pest on your property are a major problem and present serious health risks. Mosquitoes are easily recognized by their thin waists, six legs, and elongated mouthparts. As mosquitoes bite humans and animals to feed, they pick up bacteria and pathogens. When an infected mosquito bites, it can pass on diseases and pick up new ones. The more mosquito bites you receive, the higher your chances of contracting an illness such as the West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, encephalitis, or tularemia.

Professional mosquito control is the best way to combat infestations of this pest and ensure that they stay off of your property year-round. Pest Pros LLC is ready to inspect your property, customize a mosquito treatment plan, and work with you to eliminate and prevent all kinds of mosquito infestation.

You can support our mosquito treatment solutions by removing standing water from your property, addressing moisture issues that contribute to humid conditions, cutting back overgrown foliage, and removing outdoor debris that may encourage mosquitoes to hide around your property.


Close up of a roof rat in a shed

Unhygienic and prolific, rodents are common invaders in area homes and businesses, and they bring serious health and safety issues with them. The main types of rodents that are encountered in our area are roof rats, Norway rats, and field mice. Mice will be much smaller than rats, and all of these rodents have brown to grayish-black fur, long tails, and pointed snouts.

One of the main problems with rodent infestations is the speed with which these pests multiply, invade hard-to-reach areas, and spread diseases around. Over time, rodent droppings and urine spread contamination. These pests may destroy stored food, and their constant chewing results in serious, costly damages.

Taking steps to store food properly, block off rodent entry points around your property, seal trash cans, and clear outdoor areas of rodent harborage spots help to reduce your chances of infestation. If you find that you need assistance defeating rodents that have already moved into your property, contact Pest Pros LLC right away.


Scorpion on sand

Scorpions are problematic arachnids with dangerous stingers. These pests typically grow to be around two and a half inches long, and most scorpions are tan to light brown and yellow in coloration. Scorpions tend to be solitary creatures, though plenty of easy prey, moisture, and secluded cracks or crevices around your property can attract multiple scorpions to both outdoor and indoor areas around your home.

You can make your property less hospitable to scorpions by sealing up cracks and gaps that might let them inside, installing weather stripping and door sweeps to keep scorpions out, ensuring window and door screens are unbroken, and clearing outdoor areas of brush or debris this pest might hide under.

Always avoid coming into contact with scorpions to prevent painful stings, and contact Pest Pros LLC for expert scorpion removal.


Close up of a black widow in a garden

Spiders are one of the most frightening pests for property owners to encounter thanks to their eight legs, varying sizes, and the potential for dangerous bites. Many species of spiders invade area homes and businesses, and it’s important to reach out to Pest Pros LLC if you need help identifying this pest.

Signs that spiders have moved onto your property include seeing an increase in spiders and pest prey around indoor or outdoor areas, lots of spider webs being noticed in secluded areas, and egg cases being detected. Spiders typically hide in basements, garages, attics, and the backs of closets – anywhere that is dark, cool, and quiet is a prime spider nesting location.

Take steps to combat these frightening arachnids by sealing entry points around your property, addressing pest prey issues, removing leaks and moisture problems, cutting down long grasses, and removing piles of debris that could serve as hiding spots.

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