The Key To Keeping Scorpions Away From Your Mesa Home


Scorpions are commonly found during the summer months. The problem with these scary creatures is that they like to sneak up on you at night when it is dark and you can't see them. While they will do their best to stay away from humans, in the dark of night, it is easy to stumble onto a scorpion and get stung accidentally, 

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How To Identify Common Types Of Scorpions

In Mesa, there are a few different scorpions that you may see hanging in and around your yard. Here is a closer look at the common types of scorpions in Mesa:

  • Giant hairy scorpion: Measuring between 4 and 7 inches, the giant hairy scorpion is the largest type of scorpion in the country. They usually have dark brown or black bodies, pale legs, tails, and claws. They have tiny hairs on their body that act as sensors, allowing them to get a better feel of their surroundings. 
  • Striped-tail scorpion: This type of scorpion usually has a tan or brown body with a dark-colored stripe that goes down the length of its tail. They typically have light-colored legs and large claws.
  • Arizona bark scorpion: The Arizona bark scorpion is one of the smaller scorpion species. They usually only measure about 2 1?2 inches long and have a wide and stout body. With the exception of their dark-colored backs, their bodies are usually a light-brown, resembling the color of sand. 

These scorpions like to snack on various bugs and small animals. You can usually find them hunting for bugs outside of your home. However, if they find an entrance to your home, they may come inside as well. 

The Potential Dangers Of A Scorpion's Sting

All the scorpions in this area have a sharp stinger on the end of their tails. If they feel threatened or you accidentally come into contact with them, you get stung. Usually, a scorpion's sting will cause severe pain and minor swelling that typically goes away on its own in a few days. However, the bark scorpion is considered a danger to humans because the venom could cause severe side effects. Some people that have been stung by a bark scorpion have reported feeling extreme pain, numbness, and even tingling around the site of the sting. Some have also experienced weakness, trouble breathing, muscle spasms, and convulsions. If you think that you were stung by a bark scorpion, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. 

Five Easy Yet Effective Scorpion Prevention Tips

Scorpions will come onto your property if they think your home or yard has plenty of bugs to snack on. They will be even more inclined to hang around your house if there are plenty of hiding spaces on your property. Some of the things that you can do to keep scorpions away from your home include:

  • Don't stack firewood close to your home
  • Remove large stones, fallen tree branches, and any other debris from your yard
  • Eliminate any insect infestation you have around your home
  • Keep a lid on your trash can to prevent an insect infestation
  • Seal any cracks or gaps you have around your doors or windows. 

Scorpions rarely like to be out in the open. They prefer to hide under rocks and other objects. If there is nowhere for a scorpion to hide on your property, it will be less likely to invade your yard. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions And Keep Them Away

It can be dangerous to deal with a scorpion on your own. Give the professionals at Pest Pros LLC a call instead. We can safely eliminate the scorpions around your home with our professional scorpion control in Mesa. Contact us today for a free quote.

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