How To Identify And Get Rid Of American Cockroaches In Your Mesa Home


Have you ever seen an American cockroach? These bugs are massive! Finding one of these insects inside your home is a quick way to amplify heart problems and cause fright. The good news is that there are ways to combat these local pests. Our team will offer helpful tips and tricks to identify and address American cockroaches around Mesa and the surrounding areas today. Contact our team at Pest Pro if you are looking for professional options to control an active infestation inside your home. Let us explain what pest control in Mesa and the surrounding areas looks like and find an option that meets your need.

How To Identify An American Cockroach

The American cockroach is relatively easy to identify. It is 1 1/4 to 2 1/8 inches long, fully grown, and has a reddish-brown body with a yellow figure eight-shaped mark behind its head. Its flat, compactable body and dexterous legs make invading structures easy. To identify an infestation inside your home without seeing these pests, you need to know some signs of cockroaches. These signs include:  

  • Roach droppings
  • Shed skin
  • Dead/living roaches
  • Eggs
  • An odd odor
  • Grease marks

For fast and professional cockroach identification in Mesa, call Pest Pro. We offer complete pest inspections to help locals spot problems inside their homes.

American Cockroaches Spread Dangerous Pathogens In Your Home

Most pests in Mesa and the surrounding areas are annoying but not harmful. American cockroaches are both annoying and unhealthy. More specifically, these pests can spread a myriad of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. All of these sickness vectors can lead to diseases. Some of the most common diseases cockroaches carry include cholera, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and E. coli. To top things off, the American cockroach also causes asthma attacks and allergic reactions with its shed skin and dry droppings. These things break down into dust-like particles and get picked up into the air by indoor currents. At Pest Pro, we are in the business of helping locals avoid the problems cockroaches cause by quickly addressing infestations and offering long-term solutions to stop pest invasions. 

Why It Is So Difficult To Get Rid Of American Cockroaches

There is a good reason why professionals perform cockroach control. Of all these pests in our area, roaches are one of the most resilient and elusive. When faced with harm, these pests skitter off into wall voids, basements, and other secluded locations. Some pest control products have little to no effect, even when directly applied to these nasty bugs. To make things worse, the products that kill roaches can also hurt humans and pets. You must either understand how to implement cockroach control on your own or bring in a professional who will know what they are doing.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of American Cockroaches In Your Home

It doesn’t matter what cockroaches want to invade your home; you should not tolerate these pests indoors. For fast services to deal with American roaches and other cockroaches in Mesa and the surrounding areas, get our team at Pest Pro involved. We love helping members of our community deal with dangerous, destructive, and annoying pests. All it takes is one service visit to assess problems inside your home and put you on the road to total pest freedom.

Contact Pest Pro today to request a free estimate, learn more about home pest control in Mesa and the surrounding areas, and discover the best roach control for your home and property.

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